Convergence of AI and NANO


    I recently could glance through a research paper Artificial intelligence and Nanotechnology. In the new world Nano, AI, Bio technology is merging to discover microscopic world which are more efficient physically like the chips of the Information technology world. Nanotechnology suffers the physical limitations of its working scale, where the physics is completely different from that of the macroscopic world. This means that the correct interpretation of the results obtained from any system or device at this scale is one of the issues that must be faced in nanotechnology. To make the scenario even worse, it is frequent to find systems where many elements have a strong influence in the signal. In these cases, the development of analytical approximations is hard, and numerical simulations have become widely used to obtain accurate interpretations of experimental results. It is in this context that AI tools such as machine learning paradigms can play a key role in producing scientific results as well as in the development of future nano applications. Isn’t it a wonderful example of convergence?  


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