Niti Ayog’s decision of going into full EV and scaring the market was not at all required. One should learn from European countries as to how to approach a problem. In India it is sudden decision to adopt anything just because we have thumping majority in a parliament. This is not a political statement of any opposition party or printed media. I want to give the reasons for the same.

What is the urgent requirement now? Reduce greenhouse gases. But has any organization in India done the Life cycle analysis of an EV vs ICV, it is a clear no. It is to be noted that the Manufacturing carbon foot print of a EV due to its battery content is much higher than internal combustion engines. The in-flexion point where the internal combustion engine at present efficiency of fuel, let us take for example a car, is 150000 KMS. with an energy mix of 75% nuclear in France, so it is not at all a solution for India. Do we think that that a private car will run in its life time, not at all?  It is only taxi probably can achieve this in 1.5 years. So think, project, take feedback and act.


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