Innovative ways to improve Farmers income


Govt of India has come up with a program called as Kusum, where in the farmers can invest in agricultural pumps based on solar and he can also sell the extra energy generated into the grid. This will not only reduce the burden on the DISCOMs but will also reduce loses of energy. There are lot of ifs and but being created by DISCOMs on this, but few states have already gone ahead with implementation. If the installation goes as per plan then farmer in the best case scenario can generate around 1500 INR./ Month hence making around Rs. 18000/ Annum and if he is a marginal farmer with 1 or 2 acres of land which is the average land holding in India it is a big money which will give him a flexibility to invest more on his method of agriculture.  Also the usage of diesel will come down, the challenge will be to have the last mile connection of the grid, whether DISCOMs will look at the last mile connection or again Govt has to sponsor this has to be seen.


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