Nuclear Energy – the real Renewable stuff


In true terms this energy is the most abundant energy available, Suns energy is also nuclear in nature and the new technologies being developed by DAE India, which was announced in the parliament in the current session and India will have stage 2 (Uranium and Plutonium based) and stage 3 plans(Thorium based). Stage 3 will have Thorium which will be used in nuclear reactors.  India has got the highest reserves of thorium. Also it is said that in such reactors Chernobyl like incidences cannot happen because if there is an uncontrolled reaction happens the fuel can be drained into safety concrete crucible below the reactor. This is all hear say. But until we have a combination of nuclear like France, neither can we bring down the energy cost or the carbon foot print. Just think of coal being burnt even for the EVs in the future when we will have 45% Renewable and 55% coal.


  1. While its true that nuclear could be the “real renewable”, there are two key reasons which make it of a less preferred choice (especially for a country like India), regardless of instances like the Fukushima Daiichi incident in Japan, namely:
    1. Access to fuel continues to remain an issue, and
    2. Relatively more abundant availability of coal as also abundant potential for wind and solar energy.
    In April 2018, GoI cut down its nuclear energy ambition of 63GW by 2032 by almost 2/3rds, to 22.5GW
    Even Niti Aayog, its in future projections about India’s energy future, estimates India’s share from coal based energy in its overall energy mix to be about 44%. Looks like we will continue to leverage our fossil fuels and more popular forms of renewable energy till the middle of this century at least…..


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