Road ahead for solar industry


The COVID-19 pandemic has carried the world to a stop and has affected our lives profoundly.  There is a great deal of vulnerability in the solar business at present and it is the manner by which we respond after this emergency closes, that will choose how rapidly we meet our renewable power source focus of 100 GW by 2022.

Difficulties presented by COVID for the solar industry

Progressing Solar activities in the nation have been stopped and promoters are worried about the postpones their undertakings are confronting a direct result of the manufacturing  stoppage in China and the lockdown in India. With the solar based industry depending on China for around 80% of its prerequisite, solar based organizations were confronting interruption even before the Prime Minister reported an across the country lockdown in the nation. Imports of solar equipments  in January 2020 had declined by about 70% when contrasted with January 2019. Industry players have been confronting delays in obtainment of modules, solar cells, and different parts. Likewise, about 85% of the workers in solar parks are transients, a large number of which have come back to their towns and are probably going to be away for quite a while significantly after the administration’s request for ordering sustainable power source creation as a fundamental help.

Handling difficulties with government support

In such a situation, the sunlight based industry is looking for some respite from the government so they can remain above water during this financial emergency and work towards meeting the solar target. A solid and vital recovery plan is exceptionally basic for the business to help accomplish its objectives on schedule.

The as of late proposed draft Electricity Act (Amendment) Bill 2020 by the Ministry of Power feels like a positive development and can possibly acquire some genuinely necessary changes that the sustainable power source area has been looking for. Cost-intelligent levy, improvement of duty structure and decrease of cross appropriations is a green light for the development of the area. The presentation of National Renewable Energy Policy for advancement of sustainable power source and decide inexhaustible buy commitments is in accordance with the nation’s carbon decrease responsibilities. While there is an observable purpose to address the significant obstructions, greater lucidity in different angles, for example, Distinction between Distribution Franchisee and conveyance sub licensee, Mandating installment security and Jurisdictional clearness between Regulatory commissions and Contract implementation authority is likewise required.


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