Water will become scarce than fuel for Solar and Thermal plants


Most of the power plants are located in water deficient area and therefore water will become a business stopper for renewable as well as base plants. How do we tackle this issue is a question for the owners of the plant as well as government because they have to take care of food and power together. Following are my thoughts on the same

Rainwater harvesting should be taken up on war footing as ground aquifers are the ones which provide most of the storage

Bring up storage of water in a more decentralized way as not even 2% of the monsoon is collected by storage

The government should support private initiatives to collect waste water and convert them back into reusable water from cities, hence reducing the drawl from storage for fresh water

Also give financial assistance for large users to bring in new technology and investment to reduce the usage of water for chemical plants, thermal plants and gas plants, hence reducing the water consumption.

Reduction in use of water in agriculture by educating farmers, this is farfetched. But with lot of initiatives catching up like wild fire this would also.

Major cities on seashores should get major supply from desalination from the sea with renewable energy.

Water conservation is everybody’s responsibility and every individual to donate these savings to the country.


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