Wind RE will blow off the base load plants – this is not very far off


With increased strengthening of transmission line and with the predictive algorithms of wind energy variations getting refined with the experience in the western world wind is going to become take the place of base load plants. Solar RE complementing it well in terms of cyclical availability.  Then the thermal plants based on Gas and coal have to also mature to varying load plants or is going to go out of business in 2 decades from now.  This trend is already seen in Midwest in US. But in India what I foresee is with varying types of PPAs like cost+ projects and fixed tariff (S63-EA2003), the regulations give preference to Govt plants. Therefore, I see the mid aged private plants which are fixed tariff and mainly private owned will die prematurely until Policy decisions are made & a framework formed so that the end user is not affected a lot.  But this is progressing slower than snail pace and will be in cold storage till it becomes a financial sector scam. Sounding negative but it is a reality.


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